How A Dead Guy Showed Me The Secret To Getting A Lean & Muscular Physique WITHOUT  Steroids

And why I think his secret will work for you too

Did you know eating two bites of pineapple after your workout can help you build more muscle? Or that sleeping with your windows open (just a crack) can help you burn fat? That's just a few of the incredible secrets you'll discover in this article.

Before we jump in, let me ask you a simple question:

Would you rather look like the modern-day bodybuilder on the left? Or the old-school guy on the right?

There's no wrong answer. If you actually want to look like a massive, modern-day bodybuilder then more power to you. But this article won't help you so you might as well leave now.

However, if you'd prefer to achieve the "classic" look like the old-school guy on the right then stick around. Because in this article I'll show you the surprising secrets I discovered while researching this old-time strong man.

By the way his name is Eugene Sandow. And he died way back in 1925. I'll say that again because it's important: He died in the year 1925. Why is this important? Well, it's quite simple. Steroids weren't invented until the 1950's. And because he died 30 years before steroids were even invented.... we can be absolutely positive he built his physique without drugs or steroids.

These days it's nearly impossible to tell who is taking steroids and who is truly "natural" or drug-free.

Let's face it: Not too many steroid users are willing to admit they take illegal steroids. And that suuuuucks for you and me. That sucks for guys like us trying to figure out how to build muscle and burn fat the natural (drug-free) way because we can never be certain who is lying and who is telling the truth.

Mark Mcguire
Newsflash: Many pro athletes use steroids.
Even if they say they don't.

Remember when Mark Mcguire started launching 60+ home runs a year and told everybody it was because of his new workout program?

Yeah... turns out it was because of steroids.

Arnold Transforms
Think this kind of transformation
happens naturally? Think again.

Or how about back in the day when a young Austrian kid named "Arnold Schwatzenegger" came out of nowhere and was suddenly the biggest bodybuilder on the planet. It was all due to his hard work and special training programs right?

Ha... no. Arnold himself admitted steroid use and check out this statement from his biography. "Arnold took doses of steroids that terrified other bodybuilders." Turns out the reason Arnold was the biggest bodybuilder was because he took the biggest doses of steroids.

But steroid use is limited to sports stars and bodybuilders right? Plenty of actors and other entertainers manage to get lean & jacked naturally... so we can just find out what they do... right!

Whoops! Not so fast...

Hollywood actors use steroids too.

Sylvester Stallone (aka Rocky), the rapper 50 cent and dozens of other celebrities have all been busted for carrying Human Growth Hormone or HGH – a powerful and illegal steroid.

In the documentary film "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" this male fitness model actually admitted on camera to using steroids.

Steroid film
On camera, he admits taking steroids for years.

He was filming a commercial for a new muscle-building supplement and he admitted to the film maker that the supplement had nothing to do with his physique... because he had been taking steroids since he was 16!

The supplement company fired him immediately. Not for using steroids... but for admitting it!

These days, it seems like everybody is using steroids. So trying to find a proven program for building muscle and burning fat without drugs is like trying to find...

A Virgin In A Whore House!

My name is Matt Marshall. I'm NOT a bodybuilder a professional athlete or anything like that. I'm just a regular guy who was trying to figure out how to build muscle, burn fat and get a better body.

Me before
This was me. Skinny fat.

But I was getting extremely frustrated because no matter what I did I couldn't seem to make any progress.

I couldn't seem to gain muscle and no matter how strict my diet I couldn't seem to lose those last few pounds of fat from my belly.

I did what anybody else would do and I looked to the "experts" for help. But time and time again I ran into a problem: I tried the popular programs... but they didn't work for me. And then after the fact I'd discover that the creators of these popular programs got their physiques from steroids... not hard work and protein powder.

It was no wonder I kept failing. All the experts were saying one thing but doing something completely different behind closed doors. I was so frustrated I was ready to quit.

But here's the photo that changed everything for me....

Eugene Sandow
Muscular and ripped. And since he died DECADES before steroids were invented, you can be 100% sure he built his body without steroids.

When I saw this photo, I thought "man, that's the way I want to look." Minus the mustache, of course. But other than that, this was the kind of body I'd been trying to build. Lean, muscular and fit.

Not big and bloated like today's professional bodybuilders. Best of all, I could tell this photo was old. And after a little digging, I discovered that this photo was taken decades before steroids were even invented... so I KNEW the man in this photo was 100% drug-free.

I continued to dig and I found dozens and dozens of other guys who managed to build muscle, burn fat and build impressive physiques long before the invention of steroids.

Take a look:

Old school

I continued digging, trying to find anything I could about these old-time trainers and their training and diet strategies. It was nearly impossible to find this information because it's so old... but I was a bulldog. I didn't give up and after months and months of research I was able to unearth some of the old-time programs these guys used to build muscle and burn fat without drugs.

What I discovered amazed me.

Turns out nearly everything I'd ever heard about building muscle and burning fat was...

Dead Wrong!

For example, I'm sure you've heard that to build muscle you should eat six small meals consisting of nothing more than skinless chicken and brown rice, right? Or how about the idea that you should do cardio and crunches if you want to get great abs?

Lies, Lies, Lies!

He got abs without
crunches or cardio
way back in 1919.

The drug-free bodybuilders I researched NEVER did any cardio or crunches. Yet they still had rock-solid abs!

And they sure as hell didn't eat tasteless chicken 6 times a day — but they were stronger than most of today's modern bodybuilders and they had sleeve-stretching muscles!

When I started using the tips and techniques from the old-time, drug-free bodybuilders of yesteryear, my body transformed practically overnight.

I added slabs of new muscle...
Me AFTER discovering
these secrets.

I added slabs of new muscle by doing LESS in the gym but focusing on some key forgotten exercises.

And believe it or not, I got six-pack abs for the first time in my life by completely AVOIDING crunches, sit-ups and cardio.

After I uncovered these ancient muscle-building secrets, I started making rapid progress. People started to notice and ask questions.

How to Build A Classic Physique
Your step-by-step guide
to getting a "classic" body.

So I decided to write down all the drug-free secrets I've discovered about building muscle mass, getting ripped and getting a "classic physique."

I've titled my book How To Build A Classic Physique and here's just a small taste of what's inside...

I don't care how out of shape you are – whether you need to lose 100 pounds of body fat... or if you're already lean and want to pack on 25 pounds of rock-hard muscle – my book can give you a lean & muscular physique within weeks.

But Let Me Be Completely Upfront With You...

If you're like me, you've probably tried damn near everything under the sun in the hopes of building muscle and burning fat. You've tried other diets and workout plans, but nothing works. So let me be completely honest and upfront about what you can REALLY achieve with my system.

I cannot help you look like this...
Sorry, I cannot help you look like this.

But just so we're on the same page...

If it's your goal to look this –--------->

I cannot help you.

You need perfect genetics and $10,000 a month for steroids to get a body like this.

Not my cup of tea. But if that's your goal, you should NOT get my system.

Real People. Real Results.


Dear Matt

I am a huge of your book. I bought your product "How to get a classic physique " and I simply think it's one of the best written fitness books of all time. It's well worth the value for the price you were selling it. I am very grateful to have that resource.

I want also attached a transformation picture of my body, this is my 3 month transformation.

Hoping to hear from you,



"For most of my life, I could never figure out how to improve my body. I was caught up in the endless amount of lies within the health and fitness industry, but fortunately your plan has shown me the truth and helped change my life.

Tim B.
Tim B. packed on 15 pounds
of lean mass AND got ripped.

Before, I started using this program I was skinny fat and weighed 135 pounds. After a couple months on the program, I was to burn off all the fat, maintain my bodyweight, and increasing my strength, which included being able to deadlift twice my bodyweight.

Since then your plan has help me put on 15 pounds of solid muscle! Now I'm leaner than I was before and I weigh 15 pounds more. So believe me when I say that this plan will help change your body no matter what your goals are."

-- Tim B.



Ok, so how much?

If you're sick and tired of spinning your wheels in the gym, frustrated with your lack of progress and finally ready to get a lean & muscular physique using my proven "drug-free" system... then you're probably wondering how much it's going to cost. And I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised.

Hollywood A-listers and top athletes routinely spend $3,000 or more a MONTH on steroids and illegal human growth hormone treatments because they KNOW how important it is to look your best.

Back when I was struggling to figure this stuff out, I actually hired a top bodybuilding coach for $800 to help me build muscle and burn fat. But he couldn't help me! Because he didn't know how to help NATURAL guys gain muscle and shed fat.

If you want to hire me to be your personal coach, I charge a much more reasonable $497 but you must apply for consideration and not everyone qualifies. So you can see, even if I priced the How To Build A Classic Physique system at $97.... it would be a bargain.

But I'm not asking $97. Or even $77. The regular price for this program is $47 and I think that's a more-than-fair price. Heck, most supplements today cost more than fifty bucks and 99.9% of supplements are a waste of money. (Remember... these old school trainers got lean & muscular without ANY supplements.)

However, because I know how badly people need this proven system, I'm making the complete How To Build A Classic Physique system available now for just ONE payment of $37 bucks.

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Best of all, this weird ab exercise can be done right in your chair and takes only 11 seconds.

No joke.

This report alone is worth fifty bucks, but I'm giving it to you for FREE when you order "How To Build A Classic Physique."

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Oh and one more thing...

100% Money Back Guarantee


To make your decision even easier, I'm giving you my 60-day money back guarantee.

Get your copy of How To Build A Classic Physique today, along with your free bonus report for just $37 measly bucks.

Give it a read and try my system. Take it for a test drive. Watch how fast you start to add muscle and burn fat by using these ancient secrets. I'm confident you are going to be amazed and thrilled by how fast your body is transforming. But if you're not happy for any reason, just contact me within 60 days for a full refund.

(My mailing address, email address and personal cell phone number are at the bottom of this page.)

My wife thinks I'm crazy for doing this – she thinks a bunch of scammers are going to rip me off. But I don't care. I think most people are honest and good and I think most guys are happy to pay for a system that actually works... a system that actually helps drug-free guys like you and me build muscle and burn fat quickly.

It's Time To Act

At this point, I've done all I can do. I've shown you dozens of examples of old-time trainers who managed to build muscle and get lean without steroids or supplements. I've shown you my own results with this system. I've outlined the entire program for you. I've added on a free bonus report that will help you get six-pack abs faster. And I've even covered you with my 60-day money back guarantee.

I also want to offer you my personal support: Inside the book you'll find my private email address. (the same one my mother uses when she wants to send me an email.) If you have any questions, you can always email me. Because it's my mission to help you get in the best shape of your life. I'll be there for you. I've got your back.

But now it's time to take action. This special $37 price is only temporary. Click the button below to get started. I can't wait to hear about your success with the program.

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